Kudos & Kindness (Aug. 22, 2021)

Lacrosse season a team effort

The Aspen Men’s Lacrosse program just finished its summer season and it was amazing! We were able to have 18 full field runs with referees. We have close to 80 members and about 66 played on the three league teams in the summer. We play a summer league which is culminates in a intramural championship called The Green Cup ( In remembrance of Owen Green, whom we lost in an avalanche with Mike Goerne in 2019). We played the regular season games at Willits lacrosse field and the championship at Lower Moore in Aspen. These events were attended by 30 to 50 people each week. None of this would out be possible without the town of Basalt Parks and Recreation Department who take immaculate care of our facilities.

This past weekend we were able to host The Goerne Cup, an open division men’s tournament attended by teams from Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Played in honor of Mike Goerne, a longtime valley resident and pillar of not only the lacrosse community but of many others as well. This event was an amazing way to finish off the season, with picturesque views of Highlands, Maroon Bells and Shadow Mountain, Lower Moore and Iselin fields were phenomenal. The event was attended by a the Goerne family and was a highlight of the men’s season! The tournament final was attended by 100-plus people.

The Aspen men’s team would like to thank Sandra Doebler and city events, Desiree Whitehead and the Aspen Parks for making the Goerne Cup so amazing. We would also like to thank our restaurant sponsors, Home Team BBQ, Mi Chola and Mezzaluna Willits for always making room for the team. We would like to thank ANB Bank, Woody Creek Distillers, Beer Nuts and Good Earth Land Scapeing for providing additional support. Lastly we would like to thank Michelob Ultra for being our premiere sponsor!! We would also like to recognize a few club members who went above and beyond this year in helping with the season, Alex Thomas, Jeff King and Dave Miller made this season possible. We would also like to thank former member Nick Spicer for his service.

Aidan Wynn

President, Aspen Men’s Lacrosse team

Some appreciation for delivery drivers

In spite of all the traffic issues on I-70, Independence Pass, Highway 82, etc., the truck drivers are delivering their cargoes to the Roaring Fork Valley. Just take a moment and look around, and realize that almost everything you see has been brought here by truck. These men and women are mostly overlooked when we consider our situation; but, they deserve our thanks and recognition. I’m sure they’d appreciate a smile and a wave the next time you encounter a driver.

Bob Fike

Snowmass Village

Three kudos out of four ain’t bad

Kudos to:

• Aspen Chapel’s 5 x 5 show. It is fabulous.

• Matt Kuhn, from Open Space and Trails, for keeping the Marolt Property basically how it is.

• Britta Gustfason, Snowmass Sun, for sharing how eighth-grade Outdoor Education is one, if not, the most memorable part of kid’s education in the Aspen public schools.

Thorns to 7908 for their article on a $325 meal when most locals can’t afford to go out to eat.

Ruth Harrison