Kudos & Kindness (Aug. 15, 2021)

A team effort at Aspen schools

Not every profession has the ability to touch lives the way a teacher and a school community does. Truly touch lives. Not just the lives of our students but everyone we share our day with.

As we are about to start the new school year, I want to honor all the teachers, administration, staff, and board members of the Aspen School District for their contribution during the spring of 2020 and the 2020-2021 school year. Everyone pulled together and made the most outstanding impact on our school community during this life altering time.

I am grateful and honored to work with such an incredible team of dedicated professionals.

Lisa Amador DiMento

Kindergarten teacher, Aspen Elementary School

Carbondale Nature Park a local treasure

The Carbondale Nature Park is amazing; it’s like walking in a painting by Monet. At any time, day or night, it is the most utilized park in town. Thanks to our Boy Scouts, it has an ADA ramp from the parking lot, benches for seniors to rest on, and the scouts even put culverts in the ditch crossings to help elders. It is gratifying to see so many happy dogs, free of the leash and having a good sniff. The field is so flat that we could make the park fully, wheelchair accessible, with a 4-foot-wide, crusher fine track, down the middle of the three-quarter mile loop. What a great use of $40,000 that would be.

John Hoffmann


Hung out to dry, in a good way

To the kind person who found our son’s school sweatshirt last September near the Upper Hunter Creek Bridge, and hung it over the bridge railing. And to all the kind people who walked, ran, rode, and skied past it on that railing for the last 10 months (through rain, snow, freeze, thaw, sun, and curious critters). We apologize for accidentally littering the forest for a little while, but thank you for your contribution to my son’s excitement when we were back up that way, and he found it again!

It’s a little faded, and a few small bugs needed to be relocated, but after a good wash, it’s softer than ever. Great to know that our Aspen friends look out for each other in this way. Keep it up, thank you!

Austin Parsons

Nashville, Tennessee

Thank you, Aspen Art Museum

I wish to thank the folks at the Aspen Art Museum for taking the pandemic seriously and keeping us safe. I love that masks are required, that they take everyone’s temperature, and that there is hand sanitizer everywhere. I so wish other establishments did the same.

Catalina Cruz


Stepping Stones to hold open house

Stepping Stones is a community-based youth mentoring program that operates drop-in centers for youth ages 10 to 21. We are very excited to be in our newly remodeled spaces and invite you to attend our open house on Friday, September 10, from 4-7 pm. It’s a great opportunity to tour our youth drop-in centers, meet our staff, and learn more about the services we provide. We are located at 1150 Hwy 133 (corner of Garfield and 133) in Carbondale. Please come see us — all are welcome!

Georgine (GG) Garbarini

Board president, Stepping Stones