Kudos & Kindness (April 4, 2021)

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers enjoy a Rash of success

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers was created to support our community, and for two years until recently stepping down from his role as executive director, Ron Rash supported RFOV’s staff and board in achieving our stewardship mission.

With passion and dedication, Ron embraced organizational strengths and challenges. To helm a nonprofit with four service counties, Ron established durable relationships with our land management partners; to motivate employees and volunteers, Ron’s leadership mixed compassion with humility; and to celebrate 25 years of RFOV, Ron laid the foundations for a further quarter-century of success.

We know Ron is excited for many new adventures, but we’re grateful for the time he shared with us. RFOV’s trailwork, landscape restoration, and community education programs will thrive for years to come due to Ron’s efforts.

So from everyone at Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers: Thank you, Ron!

The board and staff

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers


Happy Trails on display at Aspen Gallery

HAPPY TRAILS, at the Aspen Chapel Gallery , which is in partnership with Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers, is showing in the gallery through Sunday morning, April, 11. Curator Amy Beidleman has put together a delightful show of valley watercolor painters and one sculptor working in wood.

The gallery is open daily from 1 to 5 p.m. and safe COVID-19 protocols are enforced. Please stop by and enjoy seeing the work of Aspen area artists.

Tom Ward and Michael Bonds

Co-directors, Aspen Chapel Gallery