Kudos: June 3, 2018

A Colorado Blue Bird day for Aspen’s Memorial Day ceremony

What a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony. Where to start with the “Thank You’s” for the day?

Thank you Louis Swiss for the comp coffee and goodies.

Thank you Brandon Blocker and KSNO for the air time.

Thanks to the City of Aspen for the use (again) of Connor park.

Thanks to St. Mary for the chairs.

Thanks to the Aspen Elks Scout Pack No. 224 for handing out programs and the Flanders Field poppies. Another Thanks for the laying of the Memorial Wreath.

Thank you Marcia Goshorn for lighting the ceremonial candle and for your story and memories.

Thank you Mayor Steve Skadron; your words were spot on.

Thank you Janine Barth, Veteran Service Officer, for your continued service to our veterans.

Thank you Dick Sundeen for your lovely musical notes and dedication.

Thank you Charlie Hopton for the Western Slope Veterans Coalition.

Thank you Ryan Gentry for a lovely rendition of “In Flanders Field”.

Thank you Jeannie Walla; beautiful as always.

Thank you Paul Andersen for Huts for Vets. Your heart is in the right place.

Thank you Darryl Grob. We must honor our fallen. It is our duty.

A special thank you to our guests who came forward and shared their stories, their pain, and their sorrows. This is the heart of Memorial Day.

A special thank you to our color guard; Bob Perigo and Palmer Hood, and to the colonel for another grand ceremony. Our Veterans Day ceremony will be Nov. 11 in the new Veterans Park. See you there.

Dan Glidden