Kudos: June 17, 2018

Thanks Aspen Valley Hospital

I wish to extend my thanks to Dr. Chris Miller, MD, Dr. Kim Scheuer, MD, Sandy Holmes, RD and Aspen Valley Hospital for collaborating on opportunities to promote health and wellness in our community. The monthly events I was thrilled to attend (and will be going to again!) include: Walk with a Doc and a Plant Based Recipe Swap. I can’t thank them enough for sharing so much medical, nutrition and lifestyle science, and can hardly wait for what’s in store for the rest of the summer!

Ilona Schwarz


Thanks to thrift shop for contributions

Aspen Elementary School would like to take this opportunity to thank the Thrift Shop of Aspen for their generous contributions to the Colorado Preschool Program. Through their grant we were able to offer 14 scholarships to prekindergarten students in the Aspen area to attend summer programs at local preschools. Their support enhanced our ability to reach out and enrich social and academic experiences for those qualifying students. The Thrift Shop of Aspen continues to be avid contributors to the education of our youth in the Aspen area. Through their contributions, Aspen Elementary School is ensuring that students are ready for learning when they enter school each August. Thanks again for the time and consideration you have given in support of educating our children.

Sara Lowe

Assistant Principal at Aspen Elementary School

Youth doing politics at its best

Instead of my usual complaining, I wish to publicly thank the Human Rights Campaign for that group’s outreach to the public here in Aspen last weekend. Their politics and mine do not align well. I believe identity politics has gotten quite out of hand. I despise LGBTQ efforts to bring the government down on bakers, photographers and others who choose not to express agreement with gay marriage. These attacks on free speech and freedom of conscience are politics at its worst.

That being said, I was delighted to see these Human Rights Campaign youth out and about in town, to present their case for LGBTQ rights. They were doing politics at its best. They were model Americans. They were performing as committed citizens ought to in a Republican democracy such as ours.

They believed passionately in their cause. They smiled and asked their fellow citizens to listen to their reasoned points. They spoke respectfully, and what’s more, paid attention to complaints. They were patient, thoughtful and polite.

How I wish all politics were so pleasant. Anyway, my hat is off to them. They were a credit to the Human Rights Campaign.

Chris King