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Kudos: July 15, 2018

Many thanks to firefighters

To view the lake Christine Fire Map, that the KDNK news agency put on their site is transformative. Thanks to the grueling work by the U.S. Forest Service, BLM, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Glenwood, Carbondale, Basalt, Eagle and Garfield County fire workers, a fire line was set around all residential and developed sites.

The fire lines held.

Air support worked in threes from dawn to dusk, laying down liquid fire breaks to protect Basalt.

By the time the much appreciated federal forces arrived the fire, though 0 percent contained, had sadly, but only, burned three homes.

Our fire workers were stunning in their effectiveness.

I am grateful and proud of them.

John Hoffmann


A letter of thanks

The Lake Christine Fire has consumed thousands of acres and three homes in Eagle County — a toll that would have been much higher if it weren’t for the heroism of our local first responders. The quickly changing conditions in the first 36 hours tested the Roaring Fork Valley to its limits.

Hundreds of firefighters and first responders from across 20 states have rushed to the side of El Jebel and Basalt including our own Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District, Eagle River and Greater Eagle Fire Protection Districts, Aspen Fire Department, Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District, Vail Fire and Emergency Services, local Sheriff’s Offices, Vail Valley Salvation Army, the U.S. Forest Service, BLM, American Red Cross, Holy Cross Energy and so many others. To everyone — thank you. And as your State Senator, be assured that I will do my best to support the impacted areas of the Roaring Fork Valley today and in the months to come.

With nine wildfires across our beautiful state, and over 60 burning nationwide, I offer my gratitude to the crews putting their lives on hold and at risk, working 16-hour shifts to keep our friends, neighbors and families safe.

I am incredibly proud of how Eagle County and the surrounding areas have banded together to keep one another safe. Thank you to Pitkin and Garfield counties for opening up your facilities to horses and for sending staff to help. I share a heartfelt thank you to the staff and administration at Basalt High School, Roaring Fork High School and several local churches for making sure hundreds of families and their pets had a roof over their head during this time of crisis. And thank you to the countless individuals who made small or grand gestures that most will never know about. It will be this spirit of community support that will carry us through the next months.

My sincere thanks to everyone helping those impacted by the fire and my hopes for the best outcomes possible for those still threatened by wildfire.

Kerry Donovan

State Senator, District 5

Gas price promise kept

Hats off to Ryan and the new owners of the Woody Creek Station/Phillips 66 at Aspen Village! They promise Glenwood gas prices and deliver the lowest price gas from Aspen to Glenwood and beyond in a convenient and nearby location. $3.019 for regular a few days ago. What a pleasant change from 25 to 40 percent or more premiums that have been charged for gas in or near Aspen for decades. Cheap U.S. produced gas in an easy-off, easy-on location with a nice convenience store and pleasant help. Thanks Ryan!

Mike Maple


Scott Condon’s fire coverage outstanding

I’d like to commend reporter Scott Condon and entire staff of the Aspen Times for it’s incredibly comprehensive coverage of the Lake Christine Fire. The tireless reporting on this event has been instrumental in keeping everyone well informed about nearly every aspect of the fire. Just like the first responders from fire and law enforcement, the newspaper staff played a vital role in our community’s safety and they deserve our thanks and praise for their efforts.

Bob Guion

Old Snowmass

Fourth of July cheers

I would like to personally thank the thousands of people who cheered the Democratic float in the Fourth of July Parade and both people who cheered the Republicans truck!

Carl Heck


Thank you first responders and firefighters

Hundreds of Eagle County families experienced the devastating feeling of a fire raging toward their home a few short days ago as the Lake Christine Fire stormed toward the towns of Basalt and El Jebel and the neighborhoods of those towns.

Amazingly, almost all of those homes were saved. Basalt and El Jebel were saved.

As your State Representative, I stand ready to assist anyone or any organization with the support they might need from their state government. This fire will continue to burn for some time and recovering will take even longer. I am ready to help.

However, we should not let this moment pass without expressing gratitude.

To the incredibly brave women and men who put their lives on the line to fight the fire and literally save our towns, keep the entire Roaring Fork Valley’s power intact and prevented catastrophic loss, thank you.

To the Eagle County Sherriff’s Office that effectively communicated information and ensured the public’s safety, thank you.

To the Eagle County government, the town of Basalt, and all local government employees who quickly coordinated resources, thank you.

To the volunteers, schools, churches and other organizations that provided and continue to provide food, shelter and resources for first responders and evacuees, thank you.

I attended the rally outside of the command center in El Jebel on Tuesday night when nearly 1,000 people from the community showed up to show their gratitude to the firefighters and first responders that saved their homes and towns. What I saw was inspiring.

Firefighters had tears washing dirt off their faces as they drove through the massive display of love and appreciation. One firefighter from Oregon that I talked to said he had never seen or even heard of anything like that.

So, finally, to the citizens of El Jebel, Basalt and the surrounding areas, thank you for showing your gratitude for these amazing men and women in the most amazing and heartwarming way possible. You made them feel like the heroes they are.

Dylan Roberts

State Representative (HD26, Eagle County)