Kudos and Kindness (Jan. 10, 2021)

ARC responds quickly to concerns

A huge word of thanks to a combination of city and county staff. Recently I’ve noticed multiple occasions with people driving in to the Aspen Recreation Center parking lot by the bus stop near the walking bridge. This is not a driveway! And it’s super unsafe for any school children standing there waiting for pickup.

I reached out to the ARC staff who directed me to the county, then city with the ultimate speedy remedy by Austin Weiss and the Parks & Rec department. Within 24 hours, temporary posts have been installed to block the sidewalk area and prevent further unaware drivers from using the sidewalk as a driveway. Thank you for your quick attention and inter-agency cooperation.

Valerie Forbes



The rewards of being a Big Buddy

I know firsthand the significant difference caring adults can make in children’s lives. Having grown up in Aspen in the ‘70s, my teachers, coaches, and friends’ parents were instrumental in providing a network of nurturing, trusted adults apart from my own parents.

When I returned to the valley in 2017, I knew I wanted to give back in a way that benefits children. The Buddy Program was it! In October 2018, I became a Big Buddy to a Basalt High School student. Over the past 26 months, we’ve had fun getting to know each other as we’ve shared activities like watching the X Games, playing miniature golf, seeing “The Nutcracker,” going to the movies, making clay pots, decorating gingerbread houses, and baking cookies. While COVID-19 restrictions have made it more challenging to gather in person, we have managed to stay connected through texting, FaceTiming, and letter writing.

It has been rewarding to become a trusted, consistent adult in my Buddy’s life and to introduce her to activities that were a part of my youth, which she might not otherwise have an opportunity to experience. I’ve learned so much from my Little Buddy, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. How lucky I am to be a part of the Buddy Program! I encourage others to get involved in this amazing mentorship opportunity. Not only will you positively impact a child’s life, but the experience will also change you in ways you can’t even imagine!

Brenda Carlson Stockdale