Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Sept. 24, 2017)

A grand venue for Ruggerfest

I enjoyed watching the rugby action in town last weekend. The displays of athleticism and skill were solid. The crowd was very manageable, and both Wagner Park and Rio Grande Park looked great.

High-level sports provided for free at the local park is almost a dream these days. My kids enjoyed the nonstop action and took in a bit of Aspen history upon learning Wagner Park has been home to the Gentlemen of Aspen since 1967. As the Aspen Park and Rec’s website says of Wagner. “Come and bring your kids, dogs, or lunch and enjoy one of Aspen’s iconic parks with breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain.”

Breathtaking views of Aspen Mountain. Check. Iconic parks. Check.

Here’s to hoping the local businesses enjoyed the additional traffic, customers, revenues, etc. Personally, I’ve heard and read nothing but positive things with regard to how the Aspen Ruggerfest group managed the event. In the special thoughts of the Ruggerfest founders decades ago, “Who wouldn’t want to come to Aspen in autumn to play in a rugby tournament with clean fresh mountain air on a full sized well-manicured pitch in the center of town surrounded by beautiful mountains.”

Here’s to hoping it can continue.

Bill Carlson


Ready for some football

Thank you, Aspen Elks Lodge, for sponsoring the football team. I am looking forward to playing this year. I like how the coaches teach us to be safe. I have enjoyed every moment of practice and games. I cannot thank you enough for sponsoring the teams.

Luke Balko

Snowmass Village

The Elks Lodge’s winning values

Three days a week, over 50 kids from third to sixth grade meet at the Moore playing fields to learn to play football. Seven volunteer coaches not only teach these kids football, but equally important, they teach them about winning and losing, about being a member of a team and its responsibilities, about hard work and getting results and more.

These coaches, just like our school teachers, are local heroes in this amazing community. All of this is a result of the support of the Aspen Elks Lodge. They are the quiet givers to so many of our charities.

We thank you, Elks Club, and so do those 50 lucky kids.

Dick Butera


The joy of helping each other

At the Basalt Sunday Market, Sept. 17, I was trying to set up the Basalt Chamber tent all by myself, and next to our tent was the Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing tent, which Neal and Alex were trying to set up. I went over to help them, and then they — along with Jimmy Dula, who heads up the Basalt Sunday Market — came over to help me.

Earlier in the day, Jimmy told me that the band had canceled last minute for the market and asked if he could borrow a speaker from the chamber so he could hook up music for the day. We happily shared a speaker with him.

Once we were all successfully set up, the wind began to blow. Our signs were blown down, and Neal from the Deaf Camp came over, picked them up and helped me secure them to the front of the chamber table. Later the wind blew their spice signs away, and we gave them some of our rocks to use as weights.

I want to share this with everyone because we found true joy in helping each other out. The next time you feel sad, look for a way to help out someone who needs it, and you will feel blessed.

Thank you for reading this message!

Missy Hagen

Basalt Chamber of Commerce

Aspen Thrift Shop helps others

Every month volunteers of the Aspen Thrift Shop meet to continue to accomplish our mission: to make grants to other nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley. We are grateful to all the community members who continue to support our efforts by donating and purchasing gently used clothing and household items. For the month of September we are pleased to announce the following recipients: Aspen Skating Club, Basalt Soccer Club, Basalt Middle School Library, Roaring Fork Youth Orchestra, Smiling Goat Ranch, CASA of the 9th, Liftup, Energetics Education, Aspen Youth Center, A Way Out, Western Slope College Fair and Aspen High School Ex-Ed.

The Ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop