Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Oct. 4, 2020)

Pitkin County gov’t gets things done

True story. I jumped in my car and headed for Watson Divide, preparing to grit my teeth for the inevitable potholes, and instead was greeted by fresh, smooth asphalt, laid down with precision and artfulness, by Pitkin County.

You know how government is supposed to work? This is how! We pay our taxes, elect representatives by voting, and big stuff gets done that benefits everybody, and is too expensive for one person to do on his own.

Thank you for the (smooth) reminder of why e pluribus unum is the way to get things done! While I’m at it, RFTA, I love you.

Kevin Ward


Skico’s generosity will lift spirits

I want to personally thank Aspen Skiing Co. for its generous support of our frontline healthcare workers at Valley View Hospital. Its donation of 50 seven-day passes will provide respite and renewal for so many who have been working tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our doctors, nurses and other care team members not only love to care for the members of this community but to enjoy days outside, skiing and riding. This is an incredible gesture to those locally on the frontlines. Thank you.

Dr. Brian Murphy

CEO, Valley View Hopsital

Mountain Rescue comes through again

Thank you to an unknown hiker and the Mountain Rescue team! My husband and I traveled from Michigan to the Snowmass area to visit relatives and hike the beautiful mountains in the area .

On Sept. 23, 2020, we set out for a day hike up the mountain to Snowmass Lake. We made it up 9 miles to Snowmass Lake, a longer hike than we expected. We knew we had to hurry down as it would be dark soon and we had no light. On the return trip, my back became twisted, making the return trip very painful and slow. Three miles from the trail head it got too dark to see the trail. A hiker named Mike suddenly appeared and gave us his headlight and also offered water and snacks, which we already had. He continued up the trail.

We would not have made it the rest of the way without the light. Thank you, Mike. We were close to the trailhead when two men from the Mountain Rescue Team showed up and helped us the rest of the way. They were wonderful and kind! There were other rescuers at the trailhead in case we needed further assistance; fortunately, we didn’t.

We are both so thankful to this volunteer rescue team!! Thanks Mike. Thanks rescue team!

Pete and Ellen Govorchin

Okemos, Michigan