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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Oct. 20, 2019)

Support Basalt Gives

I’m writing to spread the word about Basalt Gives. It’s a campaign to encourage people to donate their town of Basalt TABOR tax refund to the Basalt nonprofits that invest in our community. A group of local Basalt people came up with the idea of using the refund to form a community fund to help the local nonprofits today and for years to come. To kick-start the fund, they are asking people to pledge and then donate their refund to either the Basalt community fund or a local nonprofit.

It’s a great way to act together as a community and make a big difference. Please take a look at the website tinyurl.com/BasaltGives to learn the details and to make a pledge. If you pledge to donate your refund you can sign up to be listed publicly as a founder. The pledges will help grow the momentum of the campaign.

Thanks for your support of our great community!

Michelle Schindler


Another successful Western Slope College Fair

When the first Sunday in October arrives, Aspen can count on 250 college admission officers coming with it! The Colorado Western Slope College Fair celebrated its 15th year of introducing the students of the Western Slope to possibilities beyond high school. The fair includes Rocky Mountain hospitality, workshops for parents and students, college conversations, and the beginning of a student’s quest to find the right “fit and match” for education and career training after high school.

Over 100 volunteers stepped forward to put on the fair. College reps enjoyed “before-the-fair” outings: hikes, nature walks, gondola rides, horseback riding, and fly-fishing, all for the college representatives. The “Got College” volunteers greeted and welcomed nearly 3,000 people to town and the Aspen School District campus.

The community spirit makes the day memorable for the visiting colleges and students. Our generous sponsors include Alpine Bank, the Fullerton Educational Fund, Aspen Education Foundation, Colorado Mountain College, the Blue Sky Foundation, Katie and Rob Holton family, the Potamkin family, the Elks, the Thrift Shop, the city of Aspen and Pitkin County. These organizations recognize that the students in our half of Colorado take advantage of this incredible opportunity to shop for their futures.

In times when people are busy and occupied with their own daily living, it is a pleasure for all of us to be part of something that is changing lives and opening doors for so many Western Slope kids.

To all who supported and participated in the fair, a very big “thank you.” I offer this volunteer opportunity to all who like to encourage possibilities for our kids: Each first Sunday of October, come to the Western Slope College Fair and be a part of the future.

Thank you!

Kathy Klug

Director, College Outreach & Fair

Football thanks

My name is Liam Philen. I play for the Aspen Skiers fifth- and sixth-grade Little League football team. This has been a super fun season. I would like to thank the Aspen Elks Lodge No. 224, Martha Richards, Aspen High school athletic director Travis Benson and his varsity staff, Susan Arabella and Alex Schrempf from the Aspen Recreation Department, and Blair and his staff from the Aspen Parks Department.

I also would like to thank Ron Morehead for managing and setting up both teams and my coaches Bubba Eggleston, David Garaffa and my dad, Dennis Philen.

Liam Philen


Building a football foundation

I am on the Aspen third/fourth grade Pee Wee football team. I have so much fun playing football and I learn so many life lessons and have great experiences from playing football with my friends. My favorite thing about football is tackling! I have the best coaches that have taught me how to safely tackle the correct way. I also like half-time snacks!

I would like to thank all our my coaches for making football so fun. Also the Aspen Elks Lodge No. 224; Martha Richards from the Aspen High School Athletics Department; Travis Benson, AHS varsity coach; Alex Schrempf from the city Recreation Department; and the parks crew.

We are 5-0 undefeated. Come watch us play.

Clayton Folk


The joys of parenthood

The column on joy of being a parent by Allison Berkley Margo brings out indelible memories. Being a spouse is special, that commitment that makes the sum of two people really more like three. There’s you, me, and then there is the extra us.

And the next step, the ultimate, is to be a parent. It’s a responsibility like no other; you have another life that you have created and which for many years is totally dependent on both of you. It’s all that really counts in the end. You can win a ski race, run for office, win a legal battle, buy a stock that doubles or an Aspen house that doubles, but in the end it’s the love and dignity and guidance you give children that counts.

How important are kids? Take any room of adults, and have a mother walk in with a baby and the room changes, the 6-month infant is now the center of attention and adults are smiling. For a father, there’s nothing else close, not business or ski racing or any. Your focus is on their health, getting good teachers, finding the best skis, teaching them to ride a bike. It requires only that you have perfect patience, 24 hours a day, every day. There’s no pause button on kids, 3 p.m. or 3 a.m., and the objective is to never say or do anything to diminish a child, never lose your cool, talk not yell. In return you get love without limit, and if it’s your child it’s easier than you think; changing diapers really is not a burden.

Sitting in bed and reading to your kids every night is just a joy. And they will make you laugh to the core, maybe grimace when you get that call from ski patrol or emergency room that they are there. And if you think you two are pretty good skiers, best not to test it against them. Our son beat us the first time when he was 101/2, and at 12 I saw him pull away from one of the better adult racers in town. Warning, all too quickly they grow up, which can be good, but not as special as the all captivating children.

Bill Greenwood


Football fun

I am Bobby Ruiz, a fifth-grader at Aspen Middle School. I have participated in the Mountain West Youth Football program for two years and I have had a lot of fun. I have learned so much about football and the coaches have been awesome. I would like to thank the following for their contributions so that the youth football program could be made possible: Aspen Elks Lodge No. 224, our coaches and parents; Martha Richards, Aspen High School athletic director; Travis Benson, head varsity coach, and his staff; city of Aspen Parks Department.

I hope to be able to continue in the football program as I get older. I have made a lot of friends and enjoy playing on the turf field!

Bobby Ruiz


Give back to Basalt

As a partner in a downtown Basalt office building, I’m writing to encourage your support of Basalt Gives. Basalt Gives is a grassroots campaign to encourage people to donate their upcoming town of Basalt TABOR tax refund to various Basalt nonprofits that invest in our community or to the Aspen Community Foundation’s Community Grant-making program. Either way, your gift will support nonprofits in the Basalt area. I viewed this rebate as a modest bonus and loved the idea of the Basalt Gives effort spearheaded by several Basalt community leaders.

Ted Borchelt


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