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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Nov. 24, 2019)

A shot in the arm for Woody Creek

Thank you to all who helped make the Woody Creek Flu Shot clinic Nov. 14 a success. It would not have happened, been fun, or effective without the support of the Aspen Thrift Shop and Fidel Duke, the skill and time of Liz and Margaret of Community Health Services Inc., the space at the Aspen Outfitting Co. offered by Jerrod and hosted by Eric, everyone who helped spread the word; and most of all thanks to all those who showed up and bared their arms to boost their and our valley community’s immunity against the flu virus. Best wishes to these lovely people and to all of you for a happy and healthy holiday and winter season.

Peg O’Brien

Woody Creek

Thoughts on Hailey’s farewell

John Hailey probably has many war stories from his decades of managing the City Market. We all remember the $8 million remodeling of the building in 2012 in which a forest of vertical piping stood in every aisle. Mr. Hailey relied on supervisors who he had trained to cope with the restocking of 20,000 items in congested conditions with unplanned delays in deliveries.

I once asked Tony Welgos, who managed Clark’s Market for many years, where something was and he said that he had retired and didn’t have to remember. Mr. Hailey will soon be in that happy state of mind.

I rang my personal bell for the Salvation Army when a plywood tunnel on the alley led to an entrance now occupied by the upstairs rest room. During virtual whiteout conditions in the parking lot, Mr. Hailey asked me to move my bucket to the inside of the tunnel. Patrons and staff were at my mercy. I sang to myself that there were bells on the hill, but I never heard them at all. My distinctive arrhythmic style, in which no meter lasts more than two bars before degenerating into a random banging, was the audible beacon leading the crowd to the store and notice to the workers inside that el sordo was on duty.

Here is useful information: Google “cold weather boots, military” to find a huge array of unsightly black boots that will erase cold feet as an excuse to shorten your volunteer shifts. You can have them shipped in time for Thanksgiving when bell-ringing begins and you will never regret having bought them.

David Bentley


More grant recipients of Thrift Shop

Every month volunteers of the Aspen Thrift Shop meet to continue to accomplish our mission: to make grants to nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley. We are grateful to community members who continue to support our efforts by donating and purchasing gently used clothing and household items. For the month of November, we are pleased to announce the following recipients: A Little Help (RFV), Art Base, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Folklorico, Farm Collaborative, Homecare Hospice of the Valley, Sol Theater Co., Thunder River Theater Co., Western Slope Veterans Coalition, Youthentity, and 5 Point Film.

The ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop