Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (May 17, 2020)

Some praise for Pitkin County workers

In these times, we should recognize everyone who gets stuff done. I have had to handle a couple of motor vehicle registrations during the lock-down, and Sarah at the Pitkin County Motor Vehicles Office has handled them with incredible helpfulness and efficiency.

Kudos to Sarah and Pitkin County government!

Frederic Brace


We can do it

Thank you for profiling the work of mental health providers in your May 8 story, “Roaring Fork Valley nonprofits form mental health team to support residents’ wellness.” As a local mental health provider in private practice, I wanted to acknowledge the collaboration and cooperation that is going on between the Aspen Hope Center, Aspen Strong, Mind Springs, Aspen Community Foundation, their outreach to us in private practice, and I imagine with many other local organizations. It has been truly inspiring to see the dedication, partnerships and collaboration in the mental health field to support those in our community. These organizations have not only worked together, but also have included those of us in private practice in their efforts to support essential workers, allowing us to be of service and providing resources for us to best help our clients. You all represent the best of Aspen. Thank you. Stay well, Aspen. Keep cooperating. Keep collaborating. We got this.

Ashley Connolly