Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (May 10, 2020) | AspenTimes.com

Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (May 10, 2020)

Dear Editor:

Grateful for 90th birthday party

My sincere gratitude and thanks to all of my family, friends and acquaintances for your kind wishes and thoughts in the celebration of my 90th birthday! I am truly blessed!

Jim Markalunas


Hospitality alive and well on the Frying Pan

I am new to the sport of road-biking, and I recently rode up the Frying Pan with one of my best friends. Lo and behold I got a flat tire and I didn’t have a repair kit with me. I tried to phone my kids to pick me up but there was no service.

As luck would have it, we flagged down two very kind gentlemen on bikes who filled my tire with a canister enabling me to get back down the Frying Pan to the Basalt Bike Shop. A huge rose to Dr. John Miller (apparently an awesome dentist in Aspen!) and Hans Erickson. You’ve restored my faith in humanity!

Kris Ferguson


Contribution will positively impact Snowmass

Dear Klein Family Charitable Fund and BJ Adams,

Thank you for the generous donation of $3,000 to the Snowmass Village Community Outreach Fund. Normally the fund donates on a case-by-case basis to members within the community. Unfortunately this is not a normal time and we anticipate a much greater need in 2020.

With the unprecedented loss of jobs within the community, it is difficult to gauge what will be needed in the coming months; it is too early to know what will happen in the long run but we anticipate an increase in need to pay a variety of expenses from rent/mortgage, HOA fees, health care, and child care, along with basic requests for food assistance.

Respecting your request to make these funds impact the community in planned manner, we have used the donation to buy 40 gift certificates for Clark’s Market Snowmass at $75 each. We have already started distributing the cards to those in need and will be working with other groups and organizations to ensure the rest of the gift cards are distributed to those most impacted. This gift to the community is earmarked for the basic need of food, guaranteed to stay within the community, and supports a local business. This will have a resounding positive impact within our community!

We graciously and humbly accept your donation and thank you for helping us as our community navigates the COVID-19 crisis.

Snowmass Village Community Outreach Board