Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (March 15, 2019)

Grateful bowls

The 15th annual Empty Bowls Dinner was a huge success! On March 4, over 400-plus people from our community gathered at Bumps at the base of Buttermilk to share a simple meal of delicious soup, fresh bread and yummy desserts. Guests chose a bowl from over 450 beautiful ceramic bowls that were hand made by students at the Aspen Middle School, the Aspen Community School and the Aspen Country Day School, for their soup and to take home as a reminder that there are always empty bowls in the world.

All the money raised, over $4,700, will be donated to the local charity Lift Up.

Everyone who participated in Empty Bowls 2020 left with a full tummy, a warm heart and a nourished soul. This event had a huge community presence and participation from all the students at all three schools, which is a reflection of the incredible community in which we live. We are so fortunate that our community supports the arts, education and children.

A special thanks to a very generous grant from the Thrift Shop of Aspen and their dedication to education, the arts and community service. Thank you to Bumps! Henrietta, Kendall and their staff were extremely generous, helpful and wonderful in every way. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who gave time, energy and donations to make this project happen and thank you to all the students who created art from their hearts.

The following businesses were incredibly generous: Bumps, Sage at the Snowmass Club, The Village Tavern, Aspen Country Day School Cafe, Butcher’s Block, Jour de Fete, Cache Cache, Home Team BBQ, Jimmy’s, The Big Wrap, Meat and Cheese Restaurant, The Caribou Club, Paradise and Clark’s Market. The food was delicious!

We want to thank everyone involved in this project, our restaurant sponsors, our parents, colleagues and friends who gave time and energy and last but not least the students who created art and gained an understanding of giving from the heart and the value of helping others.

Rae Lampe, art teacher, Aspen Middle School

Hilary Forsyth, art teacher, Aspen Community School

Paula Ponto, art teacher, Country Day School

Elite company we’re in

I hope you will print this letter despite the fact that it relates to a story in the Sunday Aspen Daily News, “Experts Among Us.” Aspen is remarkable for its adventurers, artists, athletes, environmentalists, musicians, teachers, volunteers, writers and all the other incredible and amazing people who make this valley such a wonderful and stimulating place.

Within “Experts Among Us,” five out of the seven individuals highlighted within the article were once childhood participating members of the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC). All of the other people mentioned in the article also have been heavily involved in AVSC in one way or another. This is no accident and nor is it surprising.

AVSC prepares kids for the future — whether it is to be a future Olympian, X Games medalist or the thousands of other ways AVSC kids ultimately contribute to society. Part of the AVSC mission is to “allow kids to excel as athletes and as people.”

Our family could not be more proud to support AVSC and I hope everyone who read the article or reads this letter will help support all the future “experts among us” by contributing in whatever way you can to the remarkable 83-year-old institution we know as AVSC. AVSC, with your help, is where dreams can become reality. This is an integral part of what makes Aspen, Aspen. All of us need to cherish and build upon these dreams, for this is what it takes to keep creating “experts” for the future.

John Bucksbaum