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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (June 28, 2020)

Essential businesses help seniors

“Hail to our companies of ‘essentials’ who have chosen to help us in our time of need. May I drown in their glory.” — A.J. Thompson

This letter of “appreciation and love” is written on behalf of two people who chose to stay open due to them providing essentials for the locals. Felix Lonare of the Louis Swiss Bakery said, “It’s to pay it forward.”

On the left of me is Tara Zamansky, a mother, chef in lockdown and an angel and to the right of me is Felix Tonare, and the Manor II in Glenwood Springs is the cream in their Oreo cookie. Those two helped seniors in a 46-unit complex by delivering boxes of freshly baked artisan breads. After the lockdown, our building was one where our seniors could not get out or take the chance of being exposed to COVID-19. Not one person has contracted the virus.

Here comes Tara walking with a mask on at Vitamin Cottage with her two children. She commended me for wearing a mask. Somehow the topic of the Manor’s needs with all its elders, and Tara immediately said that she could pick up prescriptions or have foods delivered, and she knew of a few others who might be able to help. She exchanged her cell number and contacted me the night of March 16.

Within a week, Aspen made artisan bread, rolls, varieties of dark, light, rye also were added. There were four large boxes of freshly made breads. Our seniors could not believe the quality of breads delivered to us and delivered by Tara. An exquisite variety of breads were like manna from heaven for our seniors. They treated it like gold. These two now deliver weekly. Felix offers his product of amazing fresh breads and Tara delivers them to us at the Manor II.

The two people are Tara Zamansky, mother, wife and the chef, and Felix Tonare, owner of Louis Swiss Bakery and the Milagro (Miracle) Ranch on Missouri Heights, and to all the people who continue to bake bread, “Louis Swiss Bakery” at the ABC is providing food on a weekly basis to an “income challenged” senior community. The “Givers” of our community just keep giving. Thank you so much

This letter is written in appreciation and gratitude for these two people — giving without end. We seniors at the Manor II thank you with our heart-felt thanks with full bellies who can’t afford the luxury of such fine breads.

We thank you and love you for your thoughts, words and deeds.

These “essential” businesses that stayed open, and the range is far greater to list here, but you all know who you are. Again, humanity and humility show up in our wonderful people when others are in need.

There are many businesses that are now open, and The Aspen Times has been covering this issue since the virus showed up in Aspen. Many Thanks to Tara and Felix for their endless assistance, heart-filled actions, and to be counted as a part of humanity that all would be proud to be a part of.

The Manor II

Glenwood Springs

Some gratitude for the help

Thank you to the sheriff’s department (“Captain Stanklehy”), Jamie and the gang at Mountain Grill for supplying ice “a great place to have a great meal.” Thank you to the Grog Shop for supplying ice and to Mike Haisfield at the Aspen Store as well as City Market for supplying water for the camp. A special thanks to Mona Lisa and her daughter for the hot food donation. Thank you to Matthew Franzen for the can goods donation and thanks to Lee Mulcahy for the propane, cookware and building materials.

Thank you to Sarah Macknemara for the help and support as well as Kate at Mind Springs. And a very special thanks to those who have hired us for Local Labor (970-456-3638) — helping us to make a living in this state emergency when the jobs are virtually nonexistent. And a thanks again to the lady who provided us with a solar panel to charge our devices. A generator or solar panels would be helpful if anyone has one to lend us.

The Brush Creek “Intercept Lot” Encampment

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