Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (June 21, 2020)

Skico steps up for its employees

I’m writing to thank the Aspen Skiing Co. for voluntarily coming to the aid of its employees during the COVID-19 crisis.

After the ski area shutdown in March, Skico paid instructors for two weeks as well as our personal days. Skico was among the first companies in the country to do so.

Spring break is among the highest income weeks of the season, and the loss of that income could have done serious financial damage for more than 1,000 locals.

I have 16 years of employment at Skico and at times disagree with some company policies. But I think it’s important that we recognize Skico for the good things that they do.

Thank you, Aspen Skiing Co.

Cliff Weiss


Appreciation for law enforcement

A big shout of “thank you!” to all our law enforcement officers. You put your lives on the line everyday to maintain law and order in our communities so the rest of us can have our freedom to go about our business safely.

Every day you encounter criminal brutality of being spit on, cursed, punched, kicked, stabbed, shot at and sometimes (may God forbid!) suffered the ultimate sacrifice of being killed and leave your beloved families behind forever. We enjoy all holidays, especially Thanksgiving, and Christmas with our families in our cozy, comfortable home while you are on duty to provide us those happy holidays.

Now, you are smeared, attacked, and vilified extremely unfairly and politically. When you are dismantled, criminal mobs win and the rest of us lose it all, our freedom, security, safety, peace and ultimate American ways of life. All Americans with common sense stand by and support you.

May God be with you, bless and protect you all.

Very gratefully and respectfully …

C. Jacobson


Encampment dwellers appreciate the aid

All of us at the intercept lot are so grateful for everything. There are about 22 of us including two women. We now have a place to live and it is becoming better and better as necessities are donated. Thank you so very much for the food donations such as meat and fresh vegetables as well as 20 chickens and 20 hot soups.

And thank you for the solar panel which we are using to charge our devices. Thank you for the propane and cooking instruments. And thank you to the reporters who have brought attention to this situation as well as the plight of the local poor and middle-class who need affordable housing.

And thank you to Nan Sundeen, Aspen City Council and Pitkin County for doing a great job by supplying the wash sinks, port-a-potties and so much more.

Thank you.

The Troop at the Encampment