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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Feb. 26, 2017)

An asset in Aspen Chapel

Regarding Paul Andersen’s article on the Aspen Chapel (“Aspen Chapel nurtures community soul,” Commentary, Feb. 20, The Aspen Times), I was so pleased to read this in recognition of Nicholas Vesey and his efforts at the Aspen Chapel. I can say from personal experience that Nicholas is all you say he is in your piece and so very deserving of this laudation.

For me, he was the definition of a selfless “listener” and advisor in a time of need.

He is a meaningful asset to the Aspen Chapel and the Aspen community and the true definition of a spiritual human being.

Susan Walker


Thrift Shop gives back

Every month volunteers of the Aspen Thrift Shop meet to continue to accomplish our mission: to make grants to other nonprofit organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley. We are grateful to all community members who faithfully support our efforts by donating and purchasing gently used clothing and household items. For the month of February, we are pleased to announce the following recipients: River Bridge, Aspen Choral Society, Aspen Music Festival and School — “Festival for Kids,” Aspen to Parachute Dental Health Alliance, Family Resource Center of the Roaring Fork School District, Aspen Chapel Gallery and Aspen Middle School Wood Shop.

Ellen Walbert

Aspen Thrift Shop

Bridging the communication gap

Thank you, English In Action, for discovering community, two people at a time. We are currently in a confusing time for our country, and English in Action is doing something about it. The book “MAPS for Men” cited Harvard professor Robert Putnam finding that ethnic diversity initially leads people to close ranks. When people are brought together in a trusting environment, their social network will expand and their comfort level with people who are visibly different from them will increase.

English in Action is providing that trusting environment. Please get involved, volunteer, donate and watch your social network and comfort in our community expand. Visit EnglishinAction.org to learn more.

Robert Hubbell

Board member, English In Action

El Jebel

For all the right reasons, por motivos justificados

Many community groups came together to support Roaring Fork Conservancy’s snow science programs for English language learners that should be recognized. About 25 Basalt High School English Language Learner students, most of whom are new to this valley as well as this country, participated in a Roaring Fork Conservancy bilingual field trip to learn about snow, local water, mountain environments and gain exposure to the ski industry. Basalt High School is a great partner and we are glad to see they are welcoming and investing in these young residents new to the Roaring Fork Valley.

Aspen Skiing Co. also stepped up to the plate, providing foot passes for each of the students so they could experience a gondola ride up the mountain at Snowmass. These efforts to reach across cultural boundaries are increasingly important, and so we also thank those that are helping us spread the message: Aspen Public Radio and local film students from Colorado Mountain College.

As an educator, it was a delight to connect with these students and their wonderful combination of child-like delight and diligent scientific reporting. Thank you to so many diverse community organizations for coming together for all the right reasons.

Liza Mitchell

Education and outreach coordinator, Roaring Fork Conservancy