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Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Dec. 22, 2019)

It feels good to give back

My name is Daniela Nunez and I am a senior at Basalt High School taking a class called outdoor leadership, which focuses on disciplining students on skills involving outdoor activities while creating leadership skills.

Every semester, John Brasier, the outdoor leadership teacher, allows us to pick a service project to work on and present to the class. My service group, Daira Gallegos, Samuel Perez and I, chose to help with the construction of the new teacher housing with Habitat for Humanity. We wanted to do a project that was related to what the valley was currently involved in and the perfect opportunity struck — to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

Knowing the struggles that teachers in this valley have gone through, dealing with expensive housing in the valley and very low pay, having a project in the valley that is trying to change that was really inspirational and we wanted to be a part of it, especially after losing great teachers because of this problem. My friend Daira organized and scheduled meeting time for our class to go in and help with whatever the construction guys needed.

Overall it was a very enjoyable experience; all of the students who volunteered said it was something they have never tried. The types of jobs we did were pretty cool, which included installing hardwood floors, using a circular saw, cleaning the foundations of the houses, putting in window frames and many more. We had a great time and the workers seemed very intrigued with our classes and why we chose to work with them. We are very excited to go back in January and work with them again.

Daniela Nunez


‘The Christmas Cross’

Out across the valley

On a quiet moonless night,

High on a hillside,

A brightly shining light.

Filled with fascination

I wondered, what might it be?

Sending forth its message

Calling out to me.

As closer I did come,

The brighter it did shine.

I saw the cross of Jesus,

There among the pines.

A cross is made for torture,

For punishment and pain.

Producing only death,

Humility and shame.

But oh the light suspended there

Gives hope for all who see!

God did send his love this way

That with him we might be.

Jesus came into this world

Sins penalty to pay.

He took the sentence we deserved

And taught us how to pray.

See, we have been forgiven,

Jesus has set us free.

To share this news with others,

And live eternally.

I look back on that hillside,

As often as I can.

To see the light of Jesus,

Calling out to man.

Oh God! Please help us remember,

When all seems hopeless and lost.

Jesus is the light in our world,

He’s the light on the Christmas cross!

Copyright 1990

James DeBerge


Top-notch support for winning season

I wanted to thank the people and organizations who supported Aspen Youth Football this year. We had the best season and our third- and fourth-grade team went undefeated!

First, I want to thank Ron Morehead for being Aspen’s town representative for Mountain West Youth Football. He is always willing to help out, whether it’s fitting us for gear or cheering for us on the sidelines. I also want to thank these organizations for their support: the Aspen Elks Lodge; Martha Richards, the high school athletic director; Travis Benson and his varsity staff; Susan Aranella and Alex Schrempf from the Recreation Department; and Blair Elliott and his staff from the Parks Department.

Lastly, I want to thank our amazing coaches: Jeff Kuhlman, David Clark, Bryan Welker, Todd Hoeffner and Chip Fuller. You taught us so much during practice, and because of this, we were really prepared for our games. You made it really fun too.

Thank you again to everyone who made it an amazing football season.

Henry Klumb