Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Aug. 6, 2017) | AspenTimes.com

Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Aug. 6, 2017)

Quality surgery on the cheap

Did you know there is a free-standing, lower cost surgery center near you located in Basalt? Yes! And they’ve been here since 1998!

The Midvalley Ambulatory Surgery Center, located at 1450 East Valley Road, was recently awarded accreditation for the seventh time. About every three years, The Joint Commission arrives unannounced at the surgery center and goes over everything with a fine-tooth comb, making sure the facility is an extremely safe place for patients to be treated.

The Joint Commission’s standards are the highest in the industry, including everything from how patients’ medical records are handled to credentialing the surgeons to infection control to building safety, etc. It is a rigorous inspection in which Dr. Mark Purnell, medical director, and Evalee Malespini, surgical services nurse manager, played a very large part in its success.

You should feel good to know that you have an alternative near you at the Midvalley Ambulatory Surgery Center for outpatient procedures including orthopedic, pain management, gastroenterology procedures and general surgeries. When considering where to have your next procedure performed, discuss the center with your doctor. Not only is it a very safe facility, but their motto is they are “Dedicated to high quality health care in a caring and cost-effective environment.” Congratulations to the Midvalley Ambulatory Surgery Center!

Beth Jayne


Whitcomb Terrace like family

From my mother’s room at Whitcomb Terrace, watching the sunrise over Hunter Creek, I have been filled with gratitude about the 10 years she’s lived here beside the hospital. I hope you residents of the valley appreciated the first-class assisted-living facility you have right here in your backyard. Until her balance did her in, my mother never had to leave the town she loved. The staff has been charming, attentive, entertaining and knowledgeable, and the food has been truly outstanding.

Getting older is inevitable, but community support in this valley makes that process look as sweet as possible. Seamless and enthusiastic community support for seniors is remarkable here. Don’t leave if you can avoid it — aging is different down here at the lower altitudes!

Carol Ward, M.D.

Falmouth, Maine

The joys of small-town life

You’re not going to believe this, but I just found out that Chicken John, my next door neighbor who has a chicken coop and I see most mornings getting our newspapers in downtown Carbondale, and John Hoffman, the only one in the valley who gets more letters to the editor published than I do, are the same person.

I have admired John’s letters for some time and was hoping I’d meet him someday. Turns out, I’ve known him for awhile. I love small-town life.

Fred Malo Jr.


On Su Lum and the Melvilles

What a beautiful friendship Su Lum and Hilary Burgess had. I’m sure the community, as I am, is so very grateful to have seen our treasure so loved. We all miss her.

When I read the Melvilles bought a lodge in Crested Butte, I knew it had to be the Cristiana. What a perfect fit and connection.

Ruth Harrison


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