Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Aug. 27, 2017) | AspenTimes.com

Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (Aug. 27, 2017)

Aspen Science Center delivers on eclipse day

There is nothing like a clear blue sky and a 92 percent solar eclipse to bring the community out and together. Thank you to all of you who received and shared the approximately 1,200 pairs of eclipse glasses we handed out on Monday. We were delighted but not surprised by your cheerfulness and patience. Live streaming of the eclipse, an exquisitely curated sun-moon-themed soundtrack, solar telescopes, scientific information displays, and the bright and essential Aspen Science Center inters were all in place due to Aspen Science Center president David Houggy’s and operations manager Keith Berglund’s knowledge and energies.

The Pitkin County Library’s long-standing respect for the Science Center has grown deeper and wider. Our staff’s collective heart swelled with the eclipse experience in the sky and on the ground with you. We thank all of you who enjoyed this with us.

Martha Durgy

Pitkin County Library

Eclipse event a success in Basalt

Thank you to all of the Basalt Library staff and volunteers who made eclipse day so much fun. Your thoughtfulness for providing noise makers, food, glasses and telescopes was so appreciated by all.

Special kudos to Dick Hampleman for providing and manning the telescopes!

All participants


Thrift Shop supports students

Every spring the scholarship committee for the Aspen Thrift Shop is honored to select recipients for college scholarships. It is a nearly impossible task to choose only five candidates from the dozens of highly qualified and worthy applicants. This year we are proud to congratulate the following students:

Aspen High School — Hugo Saucedo, Katie Garcia Marinez, Maggie McGuire and Hazel Wille

Basalt High School — Clayton Montgomery and Margarita Alvarez

Roaring Fork High School — Aldo Pinela

We are able to continue to provide these generous awards due to the support of community members who donate gently used items and clothing and to the shoppers who purchase them.

Scholarship Committee

Aspen Thrift Shop

Wet and wild times in Basalt

Better hurry as the last day for swimming at Basalt’s outdoor wonderful pool with a kiddie section and teenager separate diving area is Sept. 8 (darn). Doggie Day is Sept. 9. Note: The pool is closed over Labor Day weekend from Sept. 2-4

Kudos and many thanks to Basalt’s pool manager, Kim Kwiatkowski, for turning the pool temperature up when the kids teeth started to chatter. Without a hot tub or a warm water pool to knock the chill off, it sounded like a chorus was singing with all the teeth chattering.

Maybe for next summer, the pool can open earlier in the year, close later in the year, add a gigantic hot tub, and add swimming to the school’s P.E. classes.

Many thanks to the great pool staff and pool manager Kim Kwiatkowski for a wet and fun summer!

Toni Kronberg

Snowmass Canyon