Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers (April 5, 2020)

Clark’s Market employee Sal Velasquez stocks onions on the floor in Aspen on Friday, April 3, 2020. Velasquez has worked at the store for four years. He said that since the crisis began in Aspen it had been really hard at the store trying to keep product on the shelves.
Kelsey Brunner/The Aspen Times

Heroes don’t brag, they show up

You think heroes are hard to find. Hard to spot out in a crowd. It’s really not that hard.

Like many people, I lived in NYC during 9/11. Starting the morning after, Sept. 12, there were lines 24/7 for months into Ground Zero. Thousand of people — waiting and cheering on cops, firefighters, Coast Guard, National Guard and all other first responders as the went to do their job each and every day.

They risked their health and lives to do those jobs. Will little regard or thought for their own safety or well being.

That’s what heroes do. True heroes. They show up. They don’t brag. They don’t boast. They just show up. And do their part.

If you saw one of them anywhere for months, you walked up — gave them a hug, a thanks — anything to show your deep sense of gratitude for all their efforts.

Doctors, nurses, personnel, etc., are today’s first responders. The new heroes. No question about that.

The picture below speaks to that in spades. If you recall, local police and firefighters flocked to NYC after 9/11 to chip in and lend a hand. That’s what’s happening now.

Can’t give a hug right now. Say thanks, give a nod. Let them know you feel about their efforts.

It takes a seconds and I assure your it means the world to each and every one of them.

Victor Siegel


Get those creative juices flowing

The local knitting group that meets at the Aspen Senior Center on Sundays proposed a Haiku writing challenge to its knitters. The idea was to spark creativity in these dark times. Here is my poem:

Stillness shrouds the town

A single soul walks the street

Sending echoes through the air

It might be fun to have your readership submit their creations.

Susan Jenkins


Thank you, Aspen Film

We want to thank Aspen Film for finding a way to share the wonderful Shortsfest films with the community. We’ve watched three of the nine programs so far and the films are wonderful. What is it about short films that makes them so entertaining? Watching the programs on our home TV is not nearly as enjoyable as watching them on the big screen at the Wheeler Opera House, this is true. But considering the pandemic circumstances that we find ourselves in, getting a chance to view the films at home is wonderful, nonetheless. Again, thank you to the Aspen Film organization for making Shortsfest come to life for all of us.

Sam and Pete Louras


Skico enables the Aspen lifestyle

I know I speak for the entire Aspen skiing community in extending a hearty “thank You” to the Aspen Skiing Co. for permitting uphill skiing on your four mountains. We also appreciate your generosity in selectively grooming to facilitate a smooth uphill and a safe, “Aspen quality” ski down. We are so very fortunate to live in a community where the Ski Company not only plays a vital role in our local economy but contributes to our enviable Aspen lifestyle!

Brent Waldron


Super job by grocery workers

We are in unusual times, to be sure. Self-quarantining at home and trepidation driving to the market to buy food and, who knows why, copious amounts of toilet paper. Maybe that it is a subliminal response to being in deep ####!

I am writing this letter to thank all of the supermarket employees for their wonderful efforts to stock and provide what we need, and with their putting up with the B.S. I would not want to be working where there is an ever-present specter of getting ill, and putting up with some people who expect to get everything their hearts desire from Perrier water to, the valuable beyond reason, T.P.

I just want to say thank you for your sacrifice. Grocery workers by no fault of their own are “front line” responders. Thank you! I think that when we shop for groceries, we should all tip the wonderful workers who help us every day.

Dick Hampleman


Thrifty tips

Many of you are keeping busy cleaning and purging while isolating at home. This is great news for the Aspen Thrift Shop, as we are counting on folks to save treasures until we are able to re-open. We urge everyone to refer to our website,, for donation guidelines. We couldn’t operate without the steady stream of donations and encourage you to be especially judicious as you sort and collect. We anticipate a tsunami of incoming goods when we are finally able to get back to work. It will help us tremendously if you are able to think twice about each item delivered to our door. We are grateful for your continuing support and patience.

Sending wishes of good health and peaceful spirits…

The Ladies of the Aspen Thrift Shop

Groomed by the best

As I wake up each morning I wonder, “Are they really going to groom again today?”

I love you, man! Thank you, Skico, for helping us stay sane!

Tory Thomas


Keeping us sane and fit

Gigantic thank you to the Aspen Skiin Co. You know what you’re doing to keep the uphill community sane, healthy and fit. You rock. We feel blessed to live here.

David and Leslie Miller


Ski safely, my friends

At such a crazy and scary time, we are so fortunate our stay@home is Aspen and the amazing Roaring Fork Valley, and to have the support of the Aspen Skiing Co.! Great to see fellow uphillers maintaining social distancing. Just a friendly reminder that it may not be ideal to cluster around and put your skins, packs, etc. on the picnic tables at the top where hundreds of others have done the same. The coronavirus can remain on surfaces for days. Stay safe.

Sue Atkinson


Cheers, love, thoughts and prayers

Three cheers for the love and empathy of Father Bert, Sheriff Lou Vallario, and our longest serving public servant in every aspect of those words, Commissioner John Martin. Prayers for the healing and needs of those suffering in our community including Sheriff Joe and Marcy DiSalvo.

Lee and Sandy Mulcahy