Kudos and Kindness from Aspen Times readers

Grateful for celebration

To all my fellow firefighters, past and present, friends who were a part of my retirement celebration from the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department, thank you so much! The whole event was over the top.

I am humbled and grateful.

Ron Baar


A good Samaritan among us

Roses, lots of roses, to the woman who noticed that my wallet and I left the bus separately and tracked me down. Thank you so very much!

Helen Palmer


A special day for seniors on the mountain

Thanks to Aspen Skiing Co. for the opportunity to have a day out in Aspen Mountain on Feb. 9. It’s never been easier to get there and have a free ride on the gondola and be served a free breakfast, meet old friends and meet new people. So near Valentine’s Day too. We left smiling with valentine cupcakes and lucky people receiving gifts.

Others went snowshoeing and others went skiing. But while we were enjoying all this on this special day, there was a lot of work behind the scenes done by employees of Aspen Skiing Co. and restaurant servers and staff from the Senior Center. We thank you deeply, You all made us feel so special every year.

My husband and I love to participate and being on the list. Going home with a big smile and feeling special. This is a thank-you note to let you know we are impressed.

Gette and Bob Vhrin


A community that cares about health

I would like to thank Aspen Valley Hospital, Aspen Medical Care and Dr. Christina Miller for bringing New York Times bestselling author, physician and sought after speaker Dr. Michael Greger, to Aspen for a presentation on his bestselling book “How Not To Die.” It was a packed auditorium and the event was offered for free to our community.

Dr. Greger gave an evidence-based presentation on the power of a plant-based diet for preventing and even reversing diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, some cancers and autoimmune diseases. We all really do have a great deal of power over our health and it starts with our fork. We are lucky to live in a place where our local medical community truly cares about keeping us all healthy and well.

Dawn Shepard