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Kudos and Kindness (Dec. 27, 2020)

Dear community,

Some students at the elementary school would like to send a big thank you to the veterinarians, doctors, nurses, researchers, delivery people, family, friends, Amazon, pets, students, and community! We wish you well with all that is on your plate and invite you to join us in recalling gratitude as we celebrate the holidays:

• Gaby thanks veterinarians for taking care of animals; they helped her cat recover from an injury.

• James would like to thank delivery people. He got a new basketball from Amazon. He has fun playing basketball! He also appreciates his parents for cooking food, especially hash browns!

• Liam is thankful for his friend Manuel because they play together.

• Mika is thankful for her mom because she helps her when she is hurt or sick.

• Natalie thanks Amazon because they ship big boxes that she can build stuff with, sit in, and play with. She also thanks her dog for sitting with her and keeping her happy.

• Patrick thanks his parents for making food and keeping him healthy.

• Shelley is thankful for her grandpa for helping her learn and do school from home!

• Sophia thanks the doctors and nurses for keeping us safe and healthy.

• Tina is thankful for her mom and dad because they cook for her. She really likes the soup called Borscht.

• Zelda is thankful for the doctors and researchers for all that they are doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

• Miss Lori thanks the students for staying engaged and doing their best even when they don’t feel like it or are challenged by circumstances.

• Miss Sonja thanks the community and family for being caring and supportive during difficult times.

Best wishes …

Remote learning group

Aspen Elementary School


I want to thank Rexs at the Pitkin County vehicles department for taking the time to FedEx my wallet to me in California. It was a lovely thing to do and I want everybody to know that we have some wonderful people working for us in Aspen.

After registering my new car, I left the office in a hurry because we were leaving Aspen to go spend Christmas with our kids and their families in California. With a list of things to do last minute, I was in my typical pre-trip daze and didn’t see my wallet tucked into a corner of the counter. Not only did Rexs phone to tell me about my wallet, she took it herself to the local FedEx to mail it to me so that I would get it immediately, and then called to tell me she had done it. Truly service over and beyond. Thank you so much.

Jessica Fullerton



Loving the Rio Grande Trail

Thank you to the Aspen City Council and the Aspen/Snowmass Nordic Council for grooming the full width of the Rio Grande Trail between the Aspen post office and Stein Park. I skied on this section on Dec. 17 and had a great experience. I saw: walkers, runners, classic skiers, skate skiers, dogs, and fat bikes. This is a perfect example of a multi-use trail being enjoyed by all, as intended.

Aspen is a ski town and the nordic trails are Aspen’s Fifth Mountain. We love snow. Grooming this section also makes a consistent trail platform from the Emma Schoolhouse to Aspen. I do my own “Town to Town Tour” every winter and look forward to having consistent trail-wide grooming on all 30 kilometers.

Helen Carlsen




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