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Kudos and Kindness

Waxing Aspen

Dear Editor:

Here’s to the Rocky Mountains

And all their lovely rocks.

They slip and slide beneath your feet,

They get into your socks.

If you don’t carry a hiking stick

In your left hand or your right,

You may go reeling down the trail

And give your friends a fright.

Don’t look up to admire the trees

Lest you pitch onto your knees.

Just keep your eyes down on your feet

So you don’t land upon your seat.

Difficult Trail lives up to its name —

I call it my walk of shame.

One morning in the blazing sun

I fought the Ute

And the Ute won.

As for dear old Smuggler

They should have named it Struggler.

On Hunter’s Creek and Little Cloud

I felt a wee bit proud,

Then on Ajax not too high

Some 4-year olds all passed me by.

Next time I come to Aspen

And I say I want a thrill

Please take me on a gentle hike,

That’s flat or goes downhill!

Patti Everett

Aspen and Houston

A new discovery

Dear Editor:

As a disabled local, during the summer months my bike is like my legs. My bike was in great need of some necessary attention and love. … I needed a tune. After being slighted by a disconcern of my immediate needs by a bike shop across town, I set out frustrated to find a shop that could actually get the job done and tune my specialized recumbent bike. Everything happens for a reason. … I made a new discovery — Ute City Cycles! With professionalism, attention to detail and care, the team went above and beyond to repair my bike in a timely fashion. If you have not checked out the shop, I highly recommend that you do.

Thank you, Ute City Cycles! Ride on!

Leah Potts


Many thanks from Basalt Rec

Dear Editor:

The Basalt Recreation Department would like to thank all the people who made the Coach Pitch Festival we hosted July 20 a success. Thank you to Crown Mountain for letting us host the festival at your wonderful park. Thank you to Doug, Ron, Dwayne and Terri at City Market for helping us with the necessary picnic supplies. Thanks to all the parents who came to watch and made sure everyone had shade and hydration. Thank you to all the coaches who chased the kids around the park.

A special thank-you to Rick Stevens, who came to cook hot dogs for all our little baseball players. And thank you to the kids for coming and having a wonderful time!

Dorothy Howard

Basalt Recreation Department

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