Krabloonik part of SV’s fabric |

Krabloonik part of SV’s fabric

Don’t let dog sledding die in Snowmass. My 90-year-old mother, may she rest in peace, fulfilled a life’s dream of dog sledding, which she was able to do in Snowmass, before she passed. She had a great time, smiled so wide, and shared her memories of the ride with everyone.

Dog sledding has been a part of the community for decades. It is woven into the fabric of the town and the town would not be the same without it. The dogs love what they do and I love to hear them and see them if I am lucky on my downhill runs. Aspen Skiing Co. and Snowmass should realize that this activity brings visitors wonderful memories of the winter and a life that is not replicated at few other resorts. Losing Kraboolnik because of a lease issue would be a travesty and there would be a void that would be hard to fill.

If the current owners are finding it difficult to satisfy the terms of the lease because of inadequate records or inability to provide optimum care for the dogs, then the community should help them fulfill their obligations. Surely there are smart, motivated, dog-loving individuals in the Snowmass area who could be enlisted to help the owners with this issue and keep sledding alive in the valley.

Robert Silverman

Snowmass Village