Know your candidates, vote Misch Bush |

Know your candidates, vote Misch Bush

Please research before you vote. I was told one of our candidates from Rifle for U.S. Congress has a criminal record. I checked and discovered she does; in fact she didn’t show up to court on several occasions. As well, she chose not to abide by public health standards at my county fair, and nearly 100 people became ill from food poisoning. None of this is OK by me.

These are only some of the numerous reasons I voted for Diane Mitch Bush, who has proven experience and education and a philosophy that matches mine. She knows how to work with others to get things done!

It’s not about party. I’m a registered Republican with a desire to send only the best qualified to Washington. Let’s all come together to send grounded, intelligent people into positions of influence as our policy makers.

We expect our children to do their homework, as adults we should too.

Carrie Podl