Kimbo knows her way around Aspen City Hall |

Kimbo knows her way around Aspen City Hall

One of the fondest memories I have of Kimbo Brown-Schirato was on a hike to Crested Butte. As I emerged from an Aspen grove into the Copper Basin just above Gothic, I was greeted by a distinct South African phrase, “Howzit?”

Perched in a decked-out, custom camper van, Kimbo and her family greeted us with smiles, snacks and beers. This moment reinforced what I love about our hometown: welcoming community and an offering of friendship, rooted in a shared appreciation of our natural environment.

I have since had the pleasure of serving alongside Kimbo on NextGen. I have witnessed an incredibly thoughtful and intelligent person striving to tackle the hardest issues facing our town: affordable housing, child care and transportation. Kimbo is not afraid of tough discussions nor of asking our local leaders hard questions. I admire Kimbo’s tenacity to fully commit and never give up.

Kimbo is bold, committed and inspiring. She takes initiative on matters that directly affect all of us in the valley (not just Aspen). Her perspective has been sharpened by living and commuting from Carbondale for several years, then by winning the housing lottery and becoming an Aspen homeowner. Her roles on NextGen and Planning & Zoning have afforded her a firm understanding of our local government, its custodians and its intricacies.

If you appreciate an Aspenite who truly embodies what it means to be one, give your vote to Kimbo this March (early voting begins Feb. 12) as our next city councilwoman.

Nicky Byrne


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