Kimbo hits all the right notes and is business friendly

I first met Kimbo Brown-Schirato and her husband, Jason, when I moved to the valley in 2007, and we have remained great friends over the years. I can say from firsthand experience that Kimbo is a genuinely caring person and has always put others ahead of herself. She is one to initiate conversation with a stranger and, in most cases, that stranger quickly becomes a friend.

As the general manager of a property management and short-term rental company in Aspen, Kimbo contacted me to discuss the recently rolled out city of Aspen short-term rental business license requirement as she wanted to learn more about the program and its impacts. I know Kimbo has reached out to many other individuals who work in various fields to try to gain a better understanding of the challenges they face and how the city may be able to provide better support. To me, this proves that Kimbo cares about the many small businesses in Aspen and will work hard to support them as best she can.

I support Kimbo for Aspen City Council!

Ben Wolff

Snowmass Village