Kimbo a grounded leader with a clear vision

I’d like to take this opportunity to formally endorse Kimbo Brown-Schirato for Aspen City Council. Over the past several years I’ve had the good fortune to witness her in many environments, and I can say without hesitation that she will serve with distinction.

Kimbo is a former board member of the Aspen Community Foundation, has served on the Planning & Zoning Commission and founded our Next Generation advisory commission. She’s also a small-business owner, a wonderful mother and a well-trusted individual for whom I’ve looked up to for quite some time now.

At our core, it will forever be in Aspen’s best interest to elect visionaries who understand their duty to consistently create and engage in meaningful public dialogue. That said, Kimbo is grounded by her unique capacity to listen, learn and, in turn, lead on repeat. This is why she has my endorsement, and I encourage you to give her yours, too.

Bear Matthews