Kids protesting gun violence remind of another protest |

Kids protesting gun violence remind of another protest

Isn’t it beautiful seeing the kids out in the street protesting gun violence in the schools, just like we protested a different kind of violence in a land far away in the ’60s. They’ve inspired a much needed and too-long dormant debate on gun control.

Discussions on gun control have long been poison in the West. We all imagine ourselves strapping on our irons and meeting out in the street to settle things. Maybe you’d get your rocks off that way, but that’s no way to live.

Gun control opponents are right when they say guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Michael Moore made that point in his film “Bowling for Columbine,” when he pointed out that Canadians are more heavily armed than we are, but their incidence of gun violence is negligible.

That’s because Canadians are a very loving and secure people. Americans are hateful and insecure. They can’t be trusted with firearms. Cultural changes take time, and too many lives would be lost before we can rid ourselves of our gun culture.

I own an antique .38 special and a gold plated Winchester 30-30. What I don’t have is ammunition for either one of them. They’re not the kind of weapons you would ever fire.

Maybe that’s the key. Don’t ban guns. You can have all the guns you want in your gun rack. You just can’t have any bullets.

I know one thing from my experience in the Vietnam protests: persistence will win out. These current protesters will turn voting age soon, and if they vote against every candidate who takes money from the NRA, gun advocates will start listening.

Fred Malo Jr.