Kids First leader puts the children second

Kids First is filled with folks who truly care about the children; unfortunately it is run by a person who instills fear as a means for obedience. Shirley Ritter should not be the person to speak for the children, for she doesn’t spend time with the children.

Miss Dawn and Miss Kadi are truly in it for the children. They both know the children; just ask the years and years of graduates who will one day be our future presidents, commissioners and mayors. Look at their classrooms, observe and listen. Make the lease at the Yellow Brick three years for the children, allow them to have days off in the work week for the teachers, and stop talking about what the children need without spending time with them.

How can one person who doesn’t even understand early childhood, because Ritter isn’t in the classroom, be making all the choices for the children and their future? Most of all, I feel bad for the families who will not be able to be blessed to have their children in Miss Dawn and Miss Kadi’s care in the future.

I was pushed out of the upvalley childhood game and made a school downvalley. I am open four days a week, and my families, who believe in quality care, make it work for their families. Speak up for the children, for they are our future.

Traci Turner

Glenwood Springs