Kenny, Kathryn and the case for 5B |

Kenny, Kathryn and the case for 5B

Our son was pretty nervous about his first day at high school in Basalt this year. But since day one, his experience has been great, with engaged teachers and staff, a well-managed program, access to interesting classes, and incredible sports and club opportunities.

We are lucky to have great leadership in the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD) — from the superintendent to our principals and staff. And to continue that progress we’re going to do two things: First, we’re voting for Kenny Teitler and Kathryn Kuhlenberg for RFSD school board.

Kenny and Kathryn have years of experience in education locally. They both bring the intelligence, commitment to service and the ability to build relationships and make hard decisions that will prove invaluable on the school board.

Second, we’ll be voting an enthusiastic yes on ballot issue 5B (mail-in ballots are in your box now). 5B will help address RFSD’s staffing crisis by enabling the district to pay teachers enough to compete with neighboring school districts that can pay their teachers more and/or where the cost of living is lower.

We believe an investment in our local schools helps to ensure that we continue to live in a great community, long after our kids have graduated high school.

Ellen Freedman and Auden Schendler