Keep wolves out of Colorado

Thanks for the article in the Feb. 22 Aspen Times (“Hunting groups join opposition to wolf reintroduction,” from the Glenwood Springs Post Independent). It is a very informative article.

I see that a group called Landslide Political is the force behind the necessary signatures to put this boondoggle on the ballot. The $1.3 million spent by Rocky Mountain Wolf Action Fund seems to be nothing more than a job for those who believe we need to spend millions of taxpayer dollars for their reintroduction program. And now we find out that the chief wolf loudmouth is non other than Delia Malone, the Sierra Club’s Colorado wildlife chair who lives in Redstone. This is the expert who told us that we need to exterminate a lot of elk and deer with wolves because they are gobbling up aspen trees that will become an endangered species because of it. I would have to think that Ms. Malone is a paid Sierra Club chair and it is her job to use her extremely large mouth to get us to spend millions for the reintroduction.

Mr. Axton was correct when he stated that “we do not need to manage wildlife from the ballot box.”

James A. Wingers