Keep Ward on council

This election is so different from previous Aspen City Council elections. It is very quiet, few get-togethers, no door to door, no in-person debates and no other issues on the ballot, but the biggest difference is the quality and diversity of the candidates.

Thanks to all who are willing to put themselves forward to run for these positions, but in the end we can only choose two. That said, through our elections we also need to maintain diversity on City Council, representation of all populations in the city, range of experience and an understanding of the workings of council and the city.

This is why I am supporting Ward Hauenstein for a second term on City Council. Ward has worked hard for four years, accomplished (with the rest of council): the ban on vaping; retention of water storage rights and relocation of storage; continued expansion of our affordable housing program; oversight of the day-to-day workings of the city; and the city’s robust response to the COVID-19 crisis.

I have seen him work tirelessly to understand the complex issues that council faces; he is to be lauded for his frequent and consistent outreach to constituents, and his efforts to involve each council member from promoting discussion to gaining consensus on the numerous decisions we face every week. We could not do better than reelecting Ward to City Council along with the election of one of the other qualified candidates.

Ann Mullins

City councilwoman, Aspen