Keep Torre mayor of Aspen

Mayor Torre once said, “Every person has a different life and different needs to improve their own quality of life.” I also agree with his statement that “basic needs of safety, food, shelter and a sense of community” are of fundamental importance. Torre’s best interests for the community are so deeply ingrained and something I align with so profoundly.

Torre’s long history of Aspen governance promoting this type of community goes to show he is the right choice for us. His long history of experience shows he knows so well what is best for Aspen. The foreign money and power that are maneuvering local life here in Aspen is at an all-time high — we are at a tipping point. Torre’s intentions to preserve and regulate those powers show his concern for Aspen as a whole. Let us show support for someone who has gone above and beyond in his call of duty by investigating intentions.

I agree with Torres’s approach to Aspen core values through employee housing, environmental issues, child care and local business. His perseverance with these issues shows his dedication to community values

I personally have watched Torre engage, support and invest in the youth in this community. He has supported my project, the 100 Club and has even committed to being a mentor for youth in this community. He has voiced his concern about the youth in this community and the immediate issues surrounding youth depression, suicide, drugs and loneliness. He has shown immediate commitment. He has shown the level of dedication to youth in this community one would value from our mayor.

The office of our Aspen mayor should and does embody the fulfillment of integrity.

Jackie Long