Keep Crown Mountain Park free to all

An entrepreneur’s plea for a rushed commitment from Crown Mountain Park directors on his proposal for a 90,000-square-foot, indoor “sportsplex” should be delayed for proper vetting.

The decision to put private development on publicly owned parkland is a weighty one, even though no new taxpayer funds would be required.

Crown Mountain should not jump into privatizing part of its wonderful public park.

The 3½ acres of land required for the project are currently underused and mostly vacant. That is not sufficient reason to preclude future park development more in keeping with the park’s open space and free public use founding principles.

The current park is truly free to everyone, including non-Eagle County residents. The private amenities would require memberships and fees on top of the taxes residents already pay for the park.

Particularly troubling is the fitness center, backed by deep pockets and supported by tax-payer-owned land, competing with similar facilities in the mid valley. Small entrepreneurs have put their blood, sweat and tears into them. They are barely surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

Before making any commitments, even verbal, Crown Mountain directors should curb their enthusiasm in favor of a deliberate process and a more fully-fleshed-out proposal.

Bernie Grauer


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