Keep City Hall accessible |

Keep City Hall accessible

I hope both the city and county offices remain open and accessible to anyone, just as they have been for decades. Aspen is a nonviolent and mostly friendly place and should offer that feeling for anyone who comes to one of the offices. Don’t let a misplaced and overdone safety concerns lead to locked doors. People here don’t generally attack politicians and police mostly don’t attack people, with the exception being the 15-year-old kid at the bus stop a few years back, and hopefully no officer will be doing that type of thing again. I think it would be a better image if police were like they are in London. They look silly in the armored vests they wear not because of need, but because some NRA-type group pays them to.

We haven’t had serious or dangerous violence here, not like Chicago or Miami. And I could be wrong but that would be a sad state.

Bill Greenwood