Keep Aspen bike shops open |

Keep Aspen bike shops open

To the Pitkin County Board of Health,

Just past the roundabout on the way into town there is a sign on the highway that proclaims Aspen as a “Bicycle Friendly Community.” The elected representatives on your board as well as the city and county establishment will attest to the money and effort spent on convincing visitors and residents alike of the virtues of using a bicycle as a mode of local transportation. The painted lanes on the city streets as well as the miles of paved paths and unpaved trails throughout the county are further evidence of the essential nature and regard for this mode of transportation and recreation in this community. We encourage our workforce with “bike to work” days. Needed auto parking places, already in short supply, are regularly supplanted with WeCycle bike stands. RFTA buses are equipped with bike racks. That biking is an essential part of the community is without question.

Bicycling is uniquely suited for the strange times we are living in and the social regulations we are presently living under. Social distancing is intrinsic to bicycling. Bicycling is an ideal way to combat the enforced isolation of “stay at home” orders. You can do it alone or with a friend or family member. Bicycling provides healthy exercise and as well as welcomed fresh air.

The attendant bike service shops are equal in frequency with pot dispensaries in Aspen. Pot shops and liquor stores have been deemed essential services. I urge you to please reconsider adding bike shops as a healthy addition to this list.

Don Bird