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Kavanaugh hearing shows dysfunctional state

Guilty or not, Brett Kavanaugh demonstrated his weak character, unstable demeanor, and erratic temperament in the hearings and that he is poor choice for the supreme court (a court already packed with disqualified legal toddlers). That such an unhinged, immature, and unwise person is a candidate for the position of Supreme Court justice speaks volumes about the dysfunctional state of U.S. politics.

Equally in disarray are the politicians on both sides of the isle in the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings: Republicans appear dense or uncaring with regard to issues of sexual assault (got to get Kavanaugh appointed); while the Democrats play duplicitous and hypocritical politics that backfire (with all the last minute “bombshells”) and thus deserve Kavanaugh.

How will U.S. citizens address the out-of-control political climate, where most politicians, Red and Blue, are bought and controlled, lack intellectual and moral development—overall sound pedigree, and who hold party over principles and, despite their roles as public servants, pursue backing of private interests and promoting self-interests over performing civic duties and advancing the welfare of the general public?

Sean Elias

Glenwood Springs