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Kasich is the answer to Trump

Donald Trump has indicated that he will run for re-election as president in 2020. As it stands today, he has a decent chance of winning — provided he makes it to the general election. The question is, how do we prevent that from happening? The answer is that the Republican Party needs to nominate someone other than Trump at their national convention. That someone else is John Kasich. Kasich has a proven track record of successful governing as the governor of Ohio. Of at least equal importance, Kasich is an intelligent, thoughtful, reasonable man who respects our Constitution and what it means to the American people and the world. Furthermore, in a campaign setting, Kasich would not be intimidated by Trump’s bullying tactics. Perhaps most importantly, John Kasich would provide those Republicans who would never vote for a Democratic candidate for president from having to hold their noses while they vote for their Republican nominee. As for the Democratic Party, it would be able to return once again to a respectful election campaign season, fight the good fight, and accept the outcome knowing that, win or lose, our country would no longer be subjected to another four years of embarrassment. The bottom line is: Vote John Kasich for Republican presidential candidate in 2020 — if Kasich becomes the Republican nominee, America wins!

Greg Shugars