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Karl Hanlon is the man to beat Scott Tipton

For the past three elections, Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District has been a graveyard for the Democratic Party. 2012: Scott Tipton 53 percent – Sal Pace 41 percent. 2014: Scott Tipton 58 percent – Abel Tapia 36 percent. 2016: Scott Tipton 55 percent – Gail Schwartz 40 percent. Three term Congressman John Salazar was the most recent viable Democratic candidate for the 3rd Congressional District. Defeated by Scott Tipton in 2010, Salazar paid the price for his courageous support of national health care reform. It is obvious that the only possible chance the Democratic Party has to reclaim the 3rd Congressional District is to elect a candidate in the mold of John Salazar. That candidate is Karl Hanlon.

John Norton