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Karl Hanlon can beat Scott Tipton

Diane Mitsch Bush recently misrepresented some simple, verifiable facts to a standing room-only crowd in Durango, claiming to be the only candidate who has twice won elections in red Colorado counties. The ski towns she represents (Steamboat Springs and Vail in Routt and Eagle counties) are reliably liberal, blue strongholds that have voted consistently Democratic in the past four presidential elections. If Diane’s recent mis-statement comes from feeling she’s been campaigning in red areas, how will she fare in places that really are “red,” where Trump’s 2016 margins of victory were as high as 81 to 12, like Moffat and Rio Blanco counties?

The last time Dems tried to unseat Rep. Scott Tipton was in 2016, when Democratic State Sen. Gail Schwartz, a more formidable candidate than Diane, ran a well-funded campaign but still lost to Tipton by 14 points.

Luckily, Karl Hanlon entered the race six months after Diane. He is a bright, progressive candidate who relates well to the diverse populations that make up this district. Karl is a rancher, a water attorney and an education advocate endorsed by the Pueblo Education Association. The fact is that most of the counties in this district have more Republicans than Democrats and quite a few unaffiliated voters. Hence, if we are to beat Tipton in November, we need a candidate that not only Democrats support but also one that is supported by unaffiliated voters and even some Republicans, and that candidate is Karl Hanlon!

Shannon Manfredi