Kane’s skills ideal for Basalt mayorship

Spring is here, and once again it is time to vote for Basalt’s mayor. This year we have three good choices. I will vote for Bill Kane because of the working relationship we established for three years when he was Basalt town manager while I was mayor. Bill consistently displayed great communication skills and the ability to complete negotiations for the benefits of the town’s needs and always considering the citizens of Basalt.

Bill, being bilingual, was eager to keep the members of the Latino community informed about the dealings pertaining to the Frying Pan Mobile Park. Bill Kane always had a calming effect at town meetings as manager and encouraged public input for all discussions and issues. He is a people person and enjoys working with the citizens regarding opportunities to improve Basalt. I could communicate broadly about Bill’s history, but I believe Basalt’s future will be improved by voting for Bill Kane now as mayor to move the town forward and bring the community together with his knowledge and management skills.

Remember to vote when your ballot arrives, thank you.

Leroy Duroux