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Kane will do well for Basalt

In a time of crisis, in calmer times too, I cannot think of any other individual so perfectly timed and attuned to be our next mayor of Basalt than Bill Kane.

I’ve known Bill for the past 35 years as my employer, fellow professional and lastly, a friend. No one else I know is as talented, qualified, articulate, and as good of a professionally trained listener with such good humor.

Basalt is at a turning point.

With the long drawn out process of the Pan & Fork redevelopment plan finally resolved, the town has the opportunity to transform itself into the charming, dynamic historic two-river mountain town it has always had the potential and desire to become.

Re-development of the old Clark’s Market site and the Roaring Fork Mobile Home Park in the heart of Old Town Basalt are integral properties tied to this rebirth.

However, to succeed we must be united in our vision for the town’s planning direction and the build-out implementation of these areas, instead of the community paralysis we’ve experienced for over 10 years. This is the next critical step forward if Old Town Basalt is to flourish and regain a foothold in commerce and vitality as a co-equal “old town/historic” partner to “the new” flourishing Willits Town Center.

Through personal charm, wit and intelligence, Bill brings people together. He has an unmatched professional and personal network of public, private and non-profit leadership resources around the state from which to draw upon and he has the temperament and leadership skills to develop the collaborative approach that we need to lead the town forward.

Please vote for Bill Kane for mayor of Basalt on April 7.

Tim Estin