Kane and other picks for Basalt

Basalt has come a long way: The CDC and river park are moving; we have a great town manager after a long and costly search, and a competent new lawyer and finance director.

Thanks to previous council’s work, we have an underpass and a major employee-housing project next to Stubby’s. We have a balanced budget, stable reserves, enhanced building codes, a climate action plan, and improved transparency. Now that we are on a reasonable glide path, to thrive, we need to retain our town manager (since small-town government depends on that position above all) and obtain the technical expertise to grapple with the next set of challenges, particularly the Clark’s parcel.

Bill Kane has the temperament for the former and the skill-set for the latter, plus an incredibly strong environmental background — he spearheaded Basalt’s own micro-hydroelectric plant, served on the state Parks and Wildlife Commission for a decade, and long served on AVLT’s board.

He is hugely experienced, with a long history in Basalt. He is thoughtful, not ego-driven, and without rough edges. He understands and respects people and government process. His stable, unifying leadership is what we need right now. Specifically for those reasons, I am asking you to vote for Bill Kane for mayor, with Rob Leavitt as your second choice, leaving the third slot blank. For council, I’m supporting Glenn Drummond, who has put in hard time on P&Z and attended many council meetings. I also support Dieter Schindler, a local restaurant businessman with kids in the schools. David Knight or Elyse Hottel are solid third choices.

Auden Schendler