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KAJX now part of the every-day media

Just what we need — another 24-hour news station liberally littered with BBC programming (it must be cheap). I get all the news and commentary I want on CNN, MSNBC and more than enough on KAJX already. How I will miss those few hours of respite in “Performance Today.” Jazz in the evening was a bit of relaxation after the non-stop assault by Washington and a world in crisis. And time spent with Pastor Mustard brought me joyful inner peace.

Many of you probably didn’t know I put KSPN on the air in 1970. While I was manager we had volunteer DJs who ran request radio nightly into the wee hours of morning. Because they weren’t paid I often had to cover those shifts and, at least in the ‘70s, I knew Aspen never slept. I could count the stockers at City Market to keep the phone lines humming.

Sadly, today KAJX has just become another of those slick professional sounding stations that regurgitates news on the airwaves. Oh, yea, they run advertisements for nonprofits and businesses that can afford the rates, but it’s not “community radio” — it’s not serving us as community. The “arts calendar” runs a few times a week, a paltry reading of only some cultural events. You want exposure, you gotta pay!

I wonder what Sy Coleman, who put the station on the air, would think of his child today?

Jon Busch