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Justice system fails Nardi

In support of Peter Nardi, who was a restauranteur in Snowmass Village (Nardi’s) where he provided locals with jobs and supported local musicians by providing a venue in which to play, as well as being a long-term bartender at the Jerome, I am writing again to express my strong belief that the justice system has not been fair in his case.

He was denied expert witnesses due to inability to pay in the offseason in Aspen so was incarcerated since 2014, and he cannot admit guilt when he believes he is innocent, so will remain incarcerated indefinitely unless his lawyer wins her case for him this Tuesday. I hope she finds the right words to convince Judge Seldin.

Peter was a roommate of mine 21 years ago — my daughter and I both attended his sentencing hearing to plead for justice. He had many good friends in this community. Sadly, he could have got a much lighter sentence in a plea deal if he would have admitted to doing something he did not do.

Bronwyn Anglin