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Just say ‘no’ to Lift One

The Lift One corridor ballot question requires Aspen residents to cast a single vote, “yes” or “no,” on several very distinct issues. No one questions the importance of the issues presented: affordable housing, zoning changes, public subsidies to private developers, Lift One relocation and the construction of a massive hotel on a currently pristine mountain side. Why can’t voters decide these crucial issues separately?

You may feel there are good reasons to relocate lift one, for example. But, then why do you also have to agree to further reduce the supply of affordable housing, unnecessarily increase the number of “hot beds,” exacerbate existing traffic congestion, transfer public funds to private developers and the tragic loss of open space? There is no reason for “this all or nothing” approach. Tell City Council you want the opportunity to decide each of these fundamental questions on its own merits by voting “no” now.

Julie Shelton