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Just say no to Ireland

A mid-term election this fall may be a very expensive one for Pitkin County property owners, both business and residential. Our own self-styled socialist societal engineer, Mick Ireland, is running to replace Tom Isaac as county tax assessor. Throughout a long and distinguished career Tom Isaac was fair, objective and pragmatic, none of which can be said of Ireland.

The obvious and correct choice should be Deb Bamesberger, who has years of experience under Tom’s tutelage.

Let’s not forget those years of discord in the City Council when Ireland was at the helm or his lasting legacy (perhaps into perpetuity) of strong-arming the Aspen Art Museum onto us. He is now seeking a new toolbox to rework our community in the form of real estate tax assessments. It is difficult to imagine a more unqualified and bigger misfit for the job.

If elected Mick will simply ask everyone the same question: “What’s in your wallet?” and tax accordingly. This race should be an early and easy choice based on competency. Just say no (again) to Ireland and make sure to vote Deb Bamesberger.

Neil B. Siegel