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Just doing our job

I would like to address City Council and our community in response to the front page article about Aspen’s messy vitality (“Elected officials say time to clean up downtown Aspen’s messy vitality,” May 2). At the end of the article there is a quote from Councilwoman Rachel Richards implying that Mi Chola would be upset at her personally for the decision she made while fulfilling her duty as a member of City Council.

I want all to know Mi Chola is a place born out of necessity for a local haunt. It is well understood that everyone has a job to do, even those who enforce rules.

This isn’t our first rodeo with less-than-ideal news.

To all the police officers who’ve told us to be quiet because the party is too loud, to the sales reps who’ve told us prices are going up and to the repair person who told us no parts for months, we welcome you all with open arms. That includes City Council members who had the arduous task of enforcing regulations.

Being in the restaurant industry teaches you to roll with the punches. Now come on in, you rule-breakers and rulemakers, and have some fun with us.

Adam Malmgren